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Transportation Strikes - Here is another site that lists transportation strikes in Italy. Check this site prior to traveling to or in Italy.

Rome Specific - Strikes, Demonstrations etc. - If you are stopping in Rome on your way to or from Il Rifugio, check out this site first. It is full of information about Rome. The link is to the section on strikes etc. but you can also check out other great information about Rome on this site.

Driving in Italy - This site offers practical tips and suggestions about driving in Italy.

Measurement Conversions - This page is on this site and it has conversion calculators for length, area, volume, weight and temperature. It is here mostly for the Metric to US conversions you might me interested in.

Exchange Rate - If you are wondering what the most recent Dollar value is against the Euro, then go here.

Current Weather - This is a weather site (in English) with a 5 and 10 day forcast for the Cortona.

Weather Statistics - Want to now what the weather is like? At this Weather Base site you can get statistics for the are (Arezzo is the closest city to Cortona that is monitored) and if you click on the link at the bottom left of page you can get the 5-day forecast.

International Airport Guide - Guides to major airports in US and world cities. International Airport Guides information for each airport includes; hotels at and near the airport, airport car parking, car rental options, driving directions, area maps and details of the airport terminals including the airlines and destinations.

Agriturismo Il Rifugio is a villa in
Tuscany, Italy for rent by the owners.
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